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All Weather Wendy (Nutec) Houses

Once you have it, you will love it…



The All Weather Wendy can be painted to compliment and suit the color of your home.  The paint WILL NOT peel off, as is the case with standard wooden Wendy’s.  This is due to the absence of swelling and shrinking of material during climate changes.

We are proud to introduce the New Generation style Wendy.  This Wendy house is more durable, 3 x more weather resistant and 5 x less maintenance.  The All Weather Wendy’s fiber cement construction creates a more suitable room temperature compared to its wooden predecessor – Cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.

For more information on our NEW All Weather Wendy Nutec please contact our sales office or see our price list.

The purchaser must supply us with enough bricks for installation or it can be supplied at an extra cost, or the option of a stilted base. It is vital to raise the structure in order to prevent storm water damage and for rising damp. Air circulation is needed underneath the structure. The ground is to be fairly level with no obstructions where the Wendy is to be installed. If the terrain is very uneven, ie with a slope gradient of more than 300mm we recommend a stilted base to be installed. The installation of the structure regarding position and municipal regulations is entirely the choice and responsibility of the purchaser. We need at least 500mm around the structure for proper installation.

Payment Policy:

Complexes and Businesses – Payment Upfront

50% Deposit – Balance on day of Completion

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